GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

You can capture the footage of your latest, greatest, not-so-screen adventures with the Go Pro HERO 7  Action Camera super smoothly, Living up to its action camera moniker. Without adding the bulk of gimbal the HERO07 Hypersmooth stabilization produces a gimbal-like flow. You can do facebook live, an intelligent still photo mode, and stabilize time-lapse video because its camera updates include all these.  You can add social media-style video and can still to your Instagram and other accounts cause it has a vertical portrait mode.


You can shoot a video of UHD 4k60/50 resolutions, can capture 2.7k120/100 slow-motion and super slow motion video at the rate of 1080p240/200cause the GoPro HERO7 supports all these. You can capture still images up to 12mp resolution in bursts of up to 30images per second. It has some similarities with its predecessor, the HERO6, the HERO7  is waterproof to 33′, suiting it for surfing, snorkeling, and swimming activities. For even deeper underwater activities a housing is available separately.

You can Document your travels and extended adventures with TimeWarp Video, it can record super-stabilized, moving time-lapse shots. You can choose the SuperPhoto function to apply intelligent HDR, local tone-mapping, or noise reduction for optimal still shots. Although it has the same size as HERO06, it has enhanced its touch and vocal control. To resemble smartphone navigating more closely the touchscreen has been streamlined. 16 voice commands enable you to verbally control the HERO7 if your hands are full.

The HyperSmooth Video Stabilization

It can deliver much smoother footage because it predicts your movements and corrects for a camera. It has gimbal-like smoothness without the bulk of a gimbal.


You can get the best photos automatically. HERO7  intelligently applies HDR, local tone mapping, or noise reduction to optimize your shots, With SuperPhoto.

The TimeWarp Video

While you move about a scene it can capture super-stabilized time-lapse videos. To turn longer activities into shareable moments it can increase the speed up to 30x.

The Live Streaming 

You can share your story live over Facebook Live at the same time you can save your streaming videos to your SD card.

The 4K60 Video & 12MP Photos of GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

You can shoot with the camera up to Ultra HD 4K resolution video at 60/50 fps, and 12MP photos in bursts up to 30 fps.

  • Take photos 4K up to 60/50 fps
  • Take photos 2.7K up to 120/100 fps
  • Take photos 1440p up to 120/100 fps
  • Take photos 1080p up to 240/200 fps

The Protune

You can manually access and adjust color, ISO limit, sharpness, and other advanced settings via the Protune feature. For professional productions Protune unlocks the camera’s full potential, delivering minimally compressed video optimization.

The Shoot Vertically

You can flip the camera to the side and capture photos and videos in portrait orientation for social media updates.

The Features of GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

  • Control your HERO7  hands-free with 16 voice commands like “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, start recording”
  • Without a housing, HERO7  is natively waterproof down to 33′.
  • Shoot a video by slowing things down to 8x to relive the moment with slow-motion rates up to 1080p240/200.
  • With streamlined settings, the intuitive 2″ touchscreen features three main capture modes
  • Frame your photos and videos in Touch Zoom by simply touching the screen (operates in select video modes)
  • It has Face, Smile, and Scene Detection functions
  • Auto-transfer to your smartphone with the GoPro app for quick social media updates
  • The GPS can perform Stickers display your speed, distance, and location
  • Create quick stories with the GoPro and Quick mobile apps
  • For crisper, clearer audio quality the advanced noise suppression actively filters out wind, vibration, and handling noise
  • Capture JPEG photos for easier storage, or shoot in raw for the highest quality

Apps of GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera

You can edit your GoPro footage with simple-to-use yet powerful functions because the GoPro and Quik apps allow you. The GoPro footage from your HERO7  can be automatically downloaded and can easily compose shareable montage of your adventures on the spot.

The GoPro  (iOS/Android)

You can Use your iOS or Android device to live-preview and playback shots, control your GoPro, and share on the fly.

  • You can easily frame the perfect shot with the live preview.
  • You can get full remote control of all camera functions
  • You can share photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more

The GoPro (iOS/Android)

You can Edit videos with just a few steps

  • To find great moments easily you can Analyze your photos and video clips
  • You can Add transitions and effects, and sync everything to the beat of the music
  • You can Customize your story with text, filters, music, and

The GoPro Quik | Desktop (Mac/Windows)

With just a few clicks you can Import and edit your videos

  • Transform your footage into edited videos synced to music
  • Automatically import your photos and videos and share your best shots
  • Bundle with GoPro Studio for more advanced editing

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