Win the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Win the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The South Korean manufacturer is the being kept the leader by the Samsung note series for many years. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it is going to continue with the good run. This phone has some similarities with its predecessor. But it also has some great improvements and good features that we should analyze. By comparing the Galaxy Note 9 with the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy Note 5 we can discover their similarities and we can find if the newest one has overcome their older brothers.

Win the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Improvements Of Note 9

It brings improved cameras and new stylus options to its S-pen. It is that the company’s biggest phone so far.

Note 9 has a lot of similarities with the Note 8.however there are also some differences. The main upgrades are it has a lot of storage, bigger screen Associate in a Nursing battery, it also has an S-pen with Bluetooth and higher camera. Specifically, the victimization of Bluetooth Low Energy, If you place the S-pen out of reach it works like a mini remote for the phone to trigger selfies shots, which slides in an exceeding presentation. Note 9 guarantees a great battery that gives keeps your phone all day long, although most of the flagship phones this year will offer this. But the most bigger cell is a 4000mAh battery, it reminds us that the note 7 debacles of 2016 once it started to exploit the batteries.

To give the most effective doable performance  Samsung has surely tested the Note 9 battery extensively. Because Samsung cannot afford another risk like that. The note is also one of the primary phones who own a 5123GB. Without ant micro SD slot Apples’ iPhone hit at 256GB, however, the note has the choice to create a phone that may have an entire T of storage bt featuring another 512GB during this approach.

The camera of Note 9 has a mode of scene detection that can take the simplest shooting mode for you. These options are also seen this year in Huawei P20nprofessional and LG G7 Thin Q. The phone has a software system that is compatible with DeX, with this you can plug your phone into the monitor and keyboard for desktop-like expertise just like S9. The previous Samsung phones that need a physical dock, simply a USB-C to HDMI cable; it is not like that.

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